SPRING 2016 







Colorado State University continues to boast one of the nation's
most successful athletic programs. The University and the entire
athletic department is committed to providing the most efficient
and effective support for all student-athletes.
The Rams' Student-Athlete Support Services department
provides academic, educational, intellectual and personal
development support for more than 350 CSU student-athletes.
The goal of  the Student-Athlete Support Services department is
to assist in the development of every student- athlete in
reaching the individual's fullest potential.



                                         Anderson Academic Center




Important Dates

  • 12-Week Summer Term Begins: 5/16/16
  • 1st 4-Week Summer Term Begin: 5/16/16
  • University Holiday: 5/30/16 (University Offices Closed)
  • Last Day of 1st 4-Week Term: 6/20/16
  • 2nd 4-Week Term Begins: 6/13/16
  • 8-Week Term Begins: 6/13/16
  • 2nd 4-Week Term Ends: 7/8/16
  • 3rd 4-Week Term Begins:  7/11/13
  • 3rd 4-Week Term Ends: 8/5/16
  • 8-Week Term Ends: 8/5/16
  • 12-Week Term Ends: 8/5/16
  • Fall 2016 Semester Begins: 8/22/16